Pickup Truck Compatibility

HiddenHook will fit most pickup trucks on the road today. If you have a full sized pickup truck with no accessories that interfere with the hollow space in the tailgate (like a step), then you should be good to go! 

Most mid-size trucks will accept HiddenHook as well. Some compact trucks do not have enough clearance in the tailgate for HiddenHook. 

Wiring inside the tailgate, such as backup cameras, typically does not prevent the use of HiddenHook. Be sure to avoid these as you slide unit in.

The table below includes measurements and compatibility info for specific truck models that we've identified so far. We'll keep adding to this list, but in the meantime, contact us with questions about your particular vehicle, and we can guide you through checking your own model if we haven't seen it before!

* HiddenHook cannot be installed on the same side of tailgate with an external tailgate assist piston and will need to go on opposite side. 

* Will not fit in trucks with built in ladder steps


Compatibility Matrix & Installation Measurements

Check with Manufacturer for drilling of aluminum bodies and proper metal protection. 
Chevy Colorado 2016 12 inches
Chevy Silverado 2007-2017 15.25 inches
Dodge Ram 1500 2014-2017 13.25 inches Butt tape to inside of tailgate Measure in 1 3/8 and mark. These two measurements (with pull down measurement)intersecting points are now center of template.
Dodge Ram 2500 2010 11 inches
Dodge Ram 3500 2017 13.25 inches
Ford F150 2009-2014 (not including aluminum bodies) 15 inches
 Ford F150 Aluminum bodies 2015-2017 16.5 inches
Ford Super Duty 2008-2016 (not including aluminum bodies) 13.5 inches
GMC Sierra 2007-2017 15.25 inches
Toyota Tundra 2007-Present 16.25 inches Remove rubber stopper. Tailhook installation hole will include the existing stopper hole.