Read all instruction prior to installation

Installing HiddenHook is simple. A drill, a 1.5 inch hole saw,5/32 pilot bit, some silicone, and a few minutes are all it takes.Watch the installation video for specifics (note that this installation does not use the spacer that most installations will require)!

*Once the assembly is installed in tailgate, open and close tailgate slowly. If the tailgate cable gets caught up on unit flange, adjust (slightly bend) the tailgate cable connection outward until cable clears the flange.

*Some Rams may need the Rubber Bumper Stop trimmed to clear flange.

*HiddenHook will Not fit on the same side as a tailgate assist piston or tailgates with a ladder step.


Please also check our Truck Compatibility page for installation measurements for your specific truck model.

Remember, use normal safety precautions when installing, including eye protection, etc.

Check with vehicle manufacturer for drilling of tailgate and proper metal protection.

Download the HiddenHook Installation Guide here.